All cycling enthusiasts, both pros and amateurs, know it well: when you go cycling, particular attention must be paid to the clothing choice.

Thanks to the sports apparel choice ( made on the basis of the season and the external temperature) you can guarantee youself a higher performance level, because comfort and protection increase.

Rules are two basically: avoiding to get cold when temperatures are low and avoiding to sweat too much during summer

In this article we'll deal with one of the most common problems, that involves most cyclists: excessive feet perspiration.

How to avoid excessive feet perspiration

It is a very underestimated topic, but rather important.

The hyperperspiration issue, infact, can be the source of many other annoyances that can be easily avoidable thanks to the right pair of cycling socks.

Hyperperspiration causes are multiple, but thanks to some simple changes to own outfit, the problem can be easily solved.

The main suggestions to this problem concern about cycling socks choice: it is suggested to opt for products made of breathable fabrics.

For this reason, polypropylene represents the best choice, it is a syntheic fiber that comes from petroleum and features a high lightness and breathability.

Recurring to talc or deodorants can represent only a temporary solution of the consequences of a phenomenon that varies from person to person: high prespiration.

It isn't possible to change how much you sweat, it is possible to find the right tool to cope with own sweat.

Socks to avoid foot perspiration: which you should choose

About this, socks choice turns out to be very important.

Whne you are about to buy a pair of socks, you had better make sure these accessories are endowed with following characteristics: comfort, breathabilty and elasticity.

In fact, the suggestion is to opt for socks that are elastic enough such as the women's or men's elastic socks, that can guarantee comfort and freedom of movement.

 Breathability is the most important feature, breathable accessories and garments have the capacity to expel sweat and let the skin breath, therefore maintaing your skin dry.