Today we’ ll let Carlotta Montanera, more known in the web as Running Charlotte talk.

“We’re to go running in this winter, that is really cold this year."

Question among questions: What should I wear when it is cold?

In this video you will find some of my personal suggestions.


Well, I can’t give you suggestions about how to wear, but I would like to give you one: get used to putting on a thermal base layer that has to be in contact with you skin, designed for physical activity as the one I am wearing right now and now I will explain why.


First of all, let’s disperse every doubt:

the thermal base layer doesn’t keep warm, that is to say it does not develop heat.

Rather it does something very useful: its role isn’ t about producing heat but about preserving heat atuck to the body, preventing it from being dispersed.

What should you do?

There are two important things:

1 -basically bodily temperature is around 36° and if putside there are -5°, the external layers that you are wearing allow the external temperature to enter as little as possible, but what’s happening inside of you?

Doing phisical activity, you sweat, right that sweat is the main cause of the cold perceived whenever it stays stuck to the skin.

A technical and thermal jersey objective objective is to make sure that the sweat, the moisture produced, doesn’t remain stuck to the skin itself and it goes outside, in order to prevent that bad feeling of cold from being felt.

Today I will talk you about Biotex technical underwear, because, according to me, it produces high-quality products that are great for any kind of activity you would like to undertake.

The jersey I am wearing is named 3D Turtleneck, because it has a particular fabric, in 3 dimensions, some small elevations along all the surface that guarantee sweat exit as soon as possible, therefore it doesn’t remain in contact with the skin, while your warmth remains with your body as much as possibile.

This Turtleneck has a super wearability because it isn’t too tight but it’s unisex so the one I am currently wearing is good also for men.

It’s very very soft and perfect for average temperatures.

All colors available for the 3D Turtleneck


Below 0° degrees?

When the temperatures are fare below 0 and it is very cold here’s another product.

I have tried by -5° .

Compared to the 3D Turtleneck, Limitless Turtleneck wearebility is different because it is tighter.

Limitless Turtleneck has a peculiarity that makes it very interesting : it is ladderproof. It means that if the neck, that is very high in this model, should it annoy you, can be cut.

I won’t because I like it.

Let’s find out another peculiarity that, for me, is simply awesome: What part of the human body feels cold the most? The hands.

In this zone there are some small holes ( because as you remember the jersey is ladderproof) that we open cutting them and inserting the fingers.

In this way I have a small glove that covers that most exposed part.


The thermal jersey is a very thin, made of thermal jersey, with compression zones and breathability for the evaporation, it isn’t a jersey that keeps you warm but rather it is a jersey that makes sure you don’t feel cold.

Limitless Line

How not to fell cold during winter when jogging?

As we know, everybody sweats a little also during winter.

The sweat remaining stuck does its duty: thermoregulates so it keeps fresh as in summer

We sweat to thermoregulate our bodies.

It’s a pity that during winter, if we are not adequately protected, the cold air cools down this sweat, reason why we feel cold.

The thermal jersey has this super power: to take bodily humidity and expel it leaving the drier and we’ll fell less cold.

Another little suggestion.

One of the main causes we fell cold is due to the wind, the cold air, that enters technical fabric fibers and enters in contact with your skin.

For this reason it is better to wear a second layer.

I adore this vest (Windproof WIN Vest) because it allows me to be always prepared for any condition.

Important last thing

Two very delicate parts of our body: forehead and hands.

Put on always some gloves that protect your hands and a head bandto protect your forehead.

Now I am ready to go out

Let’s go!

Today's outfit

Carlotta Montanera