Over the last few years, all those who subscribe to any gym course pay much attention to the choice of the most appropriate clothing.

Nowadays, all sportsmen have realized how important it is to choose only breathable and technical garments, that can not only retain sweat but also expel it and guarantee a constant body thermoregulation during own workout.

Several sport brands invest much in cutting-edge fabrics that counterpose to the natural ones, because they are suitable for individuals with a high perspiration.

Unlike classic t-shirts made of cotton that tend to soak through sweat, technical fabrics are designed to guarantee high breathability and expel sweat.

Among the most used fabrics used for the manufacturing of training clothing there’s polyester.

It must be highlighted that this material, which comes from petroleum, isn’t naturally highly breathable, but it can get this property thanks to a particular treatment, easily recognizable, that is the presence of micro-pierces that permit the sweat expulsion and the temperature maintenance over training.

The most appreciated fabric is polypropylene, that is one of the lightest and most thermoregulating fabrics available on the market.

For this reason, polypropylene is particularly exploited for underwear manufacturing: those in search of gym jerseys that can guarantee high breathability and skin thermoregulation will be able to rely on models made of polypropylene.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that, as it happens for garments made of natural fibers such as cotton and wool, also those ones made of synthetic fibers are different among them on the basis of percentage of fiber used and their quality as well.

The BTX fiber: much more than simple polypropylene

Polyprolyene processing, the combination of other fibers and continuous research for a fabric with a particular thickness allows sporty clothing brands to manufacture many different products, jerseys and many other garments with different specific features.

The possibility to benefit from different fabrics properties, becomes particularly useful when you are in search of a thermal short-sleeved base layer or any other gym garment, reason why it becomes necessary to rely on brands specialized in the manufacturing of specific sporty clothing.

These companies, in fact, do researches to manufacture jerseys that are suitable for any occasion, such as trainings with high, medium or low intensity, gym or aerobic exercises, both in summer and in winter.

For these reasons, exploiting high quality polypropylene such as Biotex polypropylene represents the best choice.

This fabric distinguishes for being nonallergic, antibacterial, and able to avoid skin reddenings, turning out to be perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Another particular aspect is the polypropylene that doesn’t emit any bad smell: even when you sweat much, in fact, you will have the certainty of a garment that doesn’t smell, avoiding any embarrassment or annoyance during training.

Ultralight Sleeveless Base Layer

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