Today we will talk about an Italian excellence of the cycling world: Biotex.
Find out our best garments that eill enable you to enjoy your experiences to the fullest.
Distribuited in Spain through COMET, it has arrived to revolutionize the market.
Today we will talk about an Italian excellence: Biotex. 

For those who don’t know this Italian firm: Who are you? When was your firm born? Why are you so special?

Biotex was founded in Faenza in 1990, thirty years ago thanks to Antonio Visani’s passion and intuitive ideas.

He took inspiration from Giulio Natta, an Italian scientist that got famous all over the world for the discovery of polypropylene, extraordinary achievement that led him to the Nobel award in 1963.

Visani can be therefore regarded as pioneer in clothing industry for having brilliantly taken advantage of this new groundbreaking yarn in underwear manufacturing, where Biotex established itself as one best clothing industries not only in the Italian market but also in the European one.

Why should a customer choose Biotex over other firms? Why are you so special?

Customers never make mistakes whenever they choose a Biotex product for their unique peculiarities:

  • ProtectionBiotex garments guarantee constant bodily thermoregulation, keep the skin dry and offer support during any kind of movement, turning out to be ideal for outdoor activity.

  • ComfortAll of them are manufactured and designed to be light and as comfortable as possible just like as a “second skin”, in this way they guarantee extreme freedom of movement

  • Performance: Having manufactured all our products with polypropylene makes them capable of maintaing the bodiliy temperature constant, in this way no energy is wasted but available for the physical activity

  • Constant innovation: Core of our mission is the will to be able to offer cutting-edge items of clothing to support our customers in the best possibile way, reason why extreme attention is paid to the the investments made in the R&D sector. Being cutting-edge has never been an option for us but the only priority.
  • Clima RangeBiotex products peculiarities include also being suitable for different climatic conditions, athletes are therefore supported during all highest level performances

How do you think to be able to improve everybody’s life thanks to your garments?

Both during sporty activity and everyday life our bodies need protection, nowadays weather changes very fast and it often finds us unprepared.

Our garments are suitable not only for training and competitions, but also after the sporty performance, thanks to their thermoregulation properties.

Thanks to the innovative BTX, the polyropylene fiber, and our wide collection, Biotex represents the best choice in every season and temperature.

Your body will be incredibly warm in winter, cool in summer always with our usual dry effect.

What are your predictions about cycling?

After this turbolent 2020, people have got more aware of boosting immune system, therefore having a lifestyle.

They have started practicing more and spending more time outside in direct contact with nature, in environments such as the mountains and the counstryside.

They have also realised that practicing sport isn’t only about moving with any kind of garment but it’s about wearing the suitable ones.

Our purpose is therefore to endow everybody with the best possible garments to let people enjoy their own sporty passions, because we reckon proper clothing is at the basis of a healthy life and this is the reason why we chose to name the firm Biotex, Bio means life while tex stands for textile.

We firmly believe bikes are not seen as alternative means of transportation anymore , they have gained far more importance.

Bikes traffic proportion has increased significantly because people are getting more aware of issues related to environmental pollution, therefore they tend to choose more bikes over cars.

But not only for this reason, moving by bike in cities has got more convenient because of the huge presence of cars.

These factors led to a significant increase in the demand of suitable garments for riding bicycles.

What importance do you give to the environment and its protection?

The world is our home, therefore we firmly believe we have to do whatever it takes in order to preserve it not only for us but also for our grandchildren and their future families.

Any sporty person loves nature as we do, this is why we decided to use BTX fibre, that is totally eco-friendly.

Our garments are non-allergic and anti-bacterial, so they turn out to be perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, whenever it is possible Biotex uses recycled materials or carton certified by FSC for packagings

What are autumn - winter BESTSELLERS?

The first type of garment is underwear.

The 3D turtleneck base layer (garmentin the photo) is among the most appreciated this season

Best Seller 2020 - Lupetto 3D

Its raglan cut the absence of seams guarantee movement of freedom, moreover the materials and its design keep the body warm during any kind of physical activity.

For further protection, we suggest also some leg warmers and arm warmers because temperature changes fast, as a matter of fact it is colder in the early morning when cyclists go outside, but around midday it is hotter.

These accessories are therefore very comfortable because they can be worn and taken off at will at any moment.

Hands and neck are the parts, that are more exposed therefore they tend to get cold during pedals in particularly in winter.

For this reason, we suggest the light but warm Thermal Touch Gloves ( in the photo below ) and the groundbreaking and the seamless Limitless Balaclava, that permits to drink without being taken off.

Guanto Thermal Touch