Spring is at the door, temperatures vary everyday; which mid-layer is the most effective?

Today we’ll introduce you WIN windproof vest, with double fore windproof membrane and elastic, comfortable fabric on the back.

A versatile garment, ideal for all outdoor sports, designed specifically for season changes, where temperature changes are more frequent.

A useful and practical mid-layer

The Win windproof vest can be worn as a mid-layer, on a thermal short-sleeved jersey or on thermal long-sleeved one, according to own demands.

The fore part consists of a complete windproof protection while the rear one consists of breathability system to avoid overheating.

Thanks to the elastic fabric, it follows the movements and gives much freedom of movement.

On the back there are two ample pockets, one of them is zipped to contain small items.

In a nutshell: indispensable to remain protected from cold and wind.

Dry in uphill, protected in downhill

Figure out during a bike ride uphill, where the perspiration is copious because of the great effort and you finally reach the top, you are ready enjoy the last path in downhill.

What do you fear the most in this situation?

The greatest fear is to get “cold” because of a temperature change, because of a downhill or a break to relax or simply chi-chat.

Here’s why having dry skin and jersey in a very short time becomes crucial, to enjoy own passion without worrying and limits.

Lime/Black or Total Black: choose the color you prefer

When should you wear the windproof vest?

The Win windproof vest is very versatile: it is recommended over periods when temperatures are intermediate, so when it is fresh and windy

Our customers wear it as a mid-layer in several moments (from +5° to +25°) and in several outdoor sporty activities, such as: cycling, MTB, running, trail-running, trekking, para-gliding, etc…

Combine the WIN windproof vest with a thermal and technical layer

I can guarantee what won't happen!

I can guarantee you, wearing the wraring the windproof vest, you will NEVER feel neither too cold nor too hot: you will be always thermoregulated and you will feel fine

Here are some reviews from our website:


    It is exactly the vest I was loookung for: great windroof protection and comfort. Tried at temperatures between 8/12 degrees. Personal note: its wearability compels to get thinner beacuse of the waist cut!

    I have had chance to wear ths vest on several occasions and for several activities, this products never disappoints the expectations in any situation. Breathable on the back and with windproof membrane on the chest, it is great for mixed activities where you sweat much and hustles in uphill and you go downhill at very high speeds, such as MTB and para-gliding! Great product, comfortable and light!

    excellent quality and wearability. Great comfort, it is tight but doens't compress. Well done
  • MARCO TRI - Triathlon

    I always put it on to go running.. when it is cold and omly a layer isn't enough. It perfectly adheres to the body, but doesn't compress. It's as if you didn't put it on. Breathable, it keeps the body temperature constant both during movement and "breaks". The rear pockets, of one is zipped aren't annoying but rather...
  • LORIS FAROLFI - Trail Running

    The vest that didn't exist!!! Very useful garment when doubtful about what mid-layer to wear at low temperatures. Exceptional wearability! Fore part with windproof protection and rear pockets for gel, snacks, softflacks for longer runsx. Ideal for trail-running where you wear the rucksack for much time, in fact the rear breathability system guarentees a perfect thrmoregulation!! Moreover, it's very beautiful!!

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How to wash the WIN windproof Vest

Following our instructions for products care, you will be able to guarantee your Biotex garments a long and performing life.




All garments must be washed and dried turned upside down, to maintain colours vivacity of the printed stamps and extend fabric length.

The softer a garment is, the more delicate it is. Therefore try to avoid frictions with the belts and abrasive materials.

Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents use is suggested and it is preferrable to wash the garment more times with little detergent than to wash it with much detergent: water doesn’t damage, the detergent sometimes does.

Cold water

Cold water

The washing in the washing machine is allowed, but the temperature must be kept below 40°C, with a delicate cycle.

The washing in cold water reduces the risk of matting, colour washing out or that the membranes get damaged. Don’t soak, press and squeeze.

To avoid

To avoid

It is suggested to avoid fabric softeners use( they inhibit the bretahability).

Products for bleachinng and colorants.

To centrifuge Biotex garments and put them on radiators or other direct heat sources.