Biotex latest product for spring/summer 2020 was long in coming, but it was definitely worth.

Finally the new ULTRA SMART jersey is available in all different color versions.

The ULTRA SMART jersey is the ULTRA jersey evolution, to which we have added some colour and pattern, without going to the detriment of performance and comfort.

Here are the patterns available in preview:

Ultra Smart Jersey
Ultra Smart Jersey
Ultra Smart Jersey
Ultra Smart Jersey

When to wear the ULTRA SMART jersey?

The ULTRA SMART jersey is the ideal garment to wear during periods where temperatures vary between 10° and 30/35°, so in spring, summer and autumn.

In seasons with mild climate, we suggest to wear under the jersey a base layer, as the classic mesh sleeveless base layer, while when it is hotter and the sweat produced by the body increases, it is possible to wear the ULTRA SMART jersey as only layer, without anything underneath.

What are the pros?

Thanks to the use of our BTX fiber made of polypropylene (80%), this jersey is highly breathable, light and soft, your body will remain therefore thermoregulated, energic, jolting and fresh, because its duty is to transfer the sweat produced by the body from the skin and take it outside, leaving the skin dry and fresh.

Who do we suggest the ULTRA SMART jersey to?

This garment is suitable for whoever practices an outdoor activity and is in need of a comfortable and technical jersey with a really sensational look.

In the specific:

The cyclist (of any kind and specialty) can put on this garment for long rides, supported by a constant thermoregulation and an amazing comfort.

Both runners and trail-runners can wear in different ways:
• in summertime, as only layer in contact with the skin
• during middle seasons, as base layer in contact with the skin below an outerwear jersey with zip and back pockets

The choice to put it on (alone or combined) is determined in partiucular by own personal demands and own personal perception of the external temperature.

Is it suitable also for walking?

Absolutely yes. The ULTRA SMART jersey can be worn to go walking and it is very practical thanks to its rear pockets where it is possible to put small objects as bars, neck warmers a light windproof jacket, etc...
We always suggest to wear some technical and breathable layers, to prevent breathability from being blocked.

Tested and approved (in first preview)

To honour 100KM DEL PASSATORE (a really special competition) 4 athletes have run in a relay all competiton path, bearing the lily from Signoria square in Florence to Popolo square in Faenza.
During the last 25 Km Luigi Pecora the flag-bearer, on that occasion he wore the ULTRA SMART POLKA DOT jersey in an orange/black version in first preview.

"There’s never been a more appropriate name… ULTRA”.
The ULTRA SMART jersey is absolutely sensational, not only because it’s beautiful, but also for its comfort, lightness, softness in contact with the skin, protection and I won’t be able to run without it anymore!!!"


Complete your ULTRA SMART look

How to wash the ULTRA SMART jersey

Following our instructions for products care, you will be able to wear your garment for much time.



All garments must be washed and dried turned upside down, to maintain colours vivacity of the printed stamps and extend fabric length.

The softer a garment is, the more delicate it is. Therefore try to avoid frictions with the belts and abrasive materials.

Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents use is suggested and it is preferrable to wash the garment more times with little detergent than to wash it with much detergent: water doesn’t damage, the detergent sometimes does.

Cold water

Cold water

The washing in the washing machine is allowed, but the temperature must be kept below 40°C, with a delicate cycle.

The washing in cold water reduces the risk of matting, colour washing out or that the membranes get damaged. Don’t soak, press and squeeze.

To avoid

To avoid

It is suggested to avoid fabric softeners use( they inhibit the bretahability).

Products for bleachinng and colorants.

To centrifuge Biotex garments and put them on radiators or other direct heat sources.