Every year on 22nd April the Earth day is celebrated, an international event that promotes the planet environment protection.

Established in 1970, its goal is to make world population aware of the importance of planet protection, our only home.

How has it come to celebrate a day with such high importance?

Every started in the U.S. during the 60s when a US senator, Gylord Nelson, arranged a series of events in favour to the planet with some prominent figures such as Robert Kennedy.

Given his particular sensitivess and carefulness about the environment protection issue, he undertook a journey through 11 American states, taking part in several conferences with the goal to sensitise the public audience.

The trigger event

Such conferences had a discrete success, nevetheless, something else was the triggere event, that fostered the authorities to dedicate the 22nd of April to environment protection.

In 1969 there was an environmental disaster like no others in Santa Barbara, California, due to a oil leakege from an Union Oil oilfield, US oil company.

This tragic event was the one that 1970 pushed many American citizens, in particular environmentalists, to gather on the 22nd April and demonstrate to sensitise not only the public audience about the importance of planet protection, but also the political class, to get them started taking relevant measures for the environment protection.

This anniversary later has become of world importance and, for this, is celebrated in 192 countries, Italy included.

Biotex and the environment

Everybody belongs to this planet, it isn’t only our home but also our sons’ and their families’.

For them, we must make well pondered choices to guarantee the mantainment of its delicate equilibria, that have been here long before our arrival.

These are the reasons that push us to make decision to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

How do we contribute to protect the planet?

Our garments are largely made of polypropylene, synthetic fiber featured by a lower production cost compared to other yarns such as cotton, besides it is highly durable and source of less CO2 emissions.

Our packaging is only certified FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, therefore it guarantees the right use of raw resoursces only from forests tracked and controlled by specific entities, to make sure a fair and harmless procurement from the environment.

This goal entity is to guarantee the raw resources used for the packaging have a protected origin and don’t hinder the reproduction of any wood species.

Our plastic bags are reusable and not disposable as an efficient cost optimization would suggest.

Our garments, lastly, are, multipurpose, therefore suitable for more activities, consequently reduce the need of other garments.

Some of these, moreover, such as the cycling shorts, are made of entirely recycled fabric, diminishing our raw materials requirements directly from the nature as much as possible.

Cancelling completely our impact on the environment is almost impossible, but we try, day by day, step by step.

Because we care

Some of our ecological garments:

T-Shirt Light Touch

Light Touch T-Shirt
seamless down the sides

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SOFFIO - MEN’s Short tights

SOFFIO - MEN’s Short tights
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SOFFIO - WOMEN’s short tights

SOFFIO - WOMEN’s short tights
with an integrated pad

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Sun WOMEN’s Sleeveless Base Layer

Sun WOMEN’s Sleeveless Base Layer
for great comfort and maximum freedom of movement

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