Today it’s the 26th August, day dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Why should we dedicate a day to them?

How can they improve the life of whoever owns one?

They help you keep in shape , they are active, dynamic and lively.

Having one at home boosts own exercise level, not only with unmissable walks but also with exciting and funny activities such as the canicross, cycling latest frontier.

Why choose canicross?

Well, simple.

If you love cycling with your four-legged friend, it is a must and Biotex knows it well.

In fact, the two Romagna champions of this particular specialty that unites cycling agonism and excitement of dogs race on crooked tracks have chosen us to get equipped with the suitable gamìrments for this competition.

Cycling garments are the best ones for this competition:

Salopette ULTRA in Cordura

Salopette ULTRA in Cordura

il massimo comfort per affrontare lunghi ed intensi allenamenti/competizioni e restare sempre fresco e asciutto

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realizzato con un mix di tessuti leggeri ed elasticizzati che permettono a palmo e dorso un’adeguata sensibilità e la massima traspirazione

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T-Shirt Light Touch

T-Shirt Light Touch

ideale per tutti gli sportivi ma anche per un uso quotidiano

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Gilet WIN antivento

Gilet WIN antivento

realizzato con protezione frontale antivento e un tessuto 3D traspirante nella zona posteriore

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Is having a dog only about sport and walks?

Having a dog is one of the finest experiences the life can ever give you.

Dogs aren’t like other animals, maybe they aren’t animals either, but rather a human beings, a little bit hairier.

Their company is a gift of which we don’t recognize the value.

Why have I said gift?

They are pure

They don’t care about whether you are rich or poor, abou whether you have many toys to offer, they simply want to spend some time with you and love you regardless of wour wealth.

They are like safe harbours, where you can get unconditional love and with whom an unbreakable bond develops over the years as if you were something unique.

They understand if you are happy, said, worried and, when they see you said, console you with their soft snout and the sweet licks.

How many can we say the same thing of?

Few, maybe only our parents.

They depict that naturality and cheerfulness we would like to always have but we can’t because of the world cruelty that forces us to distrust, to distance, to set up walls.

They are faithful, honest, protective, they represent what everybody wishes from a life partner but, in their case, offer a firm certainty given by a friendship tht will never get broken.

This is why we celebrate dogs day, their affection is the purest thing you could ever have.

What about you?

Do you have a dog?

Share a photo with your hairy friend tagging Biotex, we will share it in our stories :)