Whoever loves cycling knows how frustrating rainy days are with flooded streets that turn into dangerous traps.

Giving up on own passions is always hard.

Nevertheless, all enthusiasts can keep on cycling even with adverse weather conditions, thanks to the wide assortment of sporty garments, designed specifically for all those who don’t want to give up on cycling even when it rains.

Choosing the right garments and accessories

Many doctors see cycling as one of the healthiest sports for the human being, both because it is good for the body and it is practiced outdoor, it enables to find out new places and stay in company.

Nevertheless, given that it is practiced outdoor, it is often subject to restrictions during cold seasons, in particular, because of rain and snow.

A lot of amateur cyclists are, in fact, compelled to interrupt their bike rides and put them off until spring, because they don’t have the right equipment to have the right protect themselves properly from the rain or the appropriate clothing to go cycling with low temperatures.

Today there are different solutions for every part of the human body, for the feet there are several models of cycling overshoes for instance, they are very good at protecting feet whenever you have to cycle in rainy or snowy conditions.

For this reason, nobody should get discouraged from going cycling whenever they feel like even when it is raining, because it is sufficient to wear adequate clothing and suitable accessories to be protected from water and fully enjoy own passions.

How to protect the feet

As hinted before, whenever you cycle under the rain, feet are the most important part to protect both from cold and water and moisture.

So, it is necessary to get informed properly before going cycling and choosing the best accessories for feet protection, to improve their performance.

Among these, the most important ones are the so called overshoes, because they allow the feet to stay dry and end enjoy that essential comfort to cycle with the necessary calmness.

The different models on the market not only allow, moreover, to protect feet from wind, rain and cold, but also are so flexible and so comfortable to turn out to be useful to improve own sporty performance.

Lastly, much attention has to be paid to the worn insoles, they are advised to be always worn and be made of materials that permit a perfect foot adherence to the pedals surface.

They must be designed to keep the right inner climatization thanks to the use, for instance, thermal socks made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene, to get sweat expelled and prevent feet from suffering because of the moisture

Thermalwind overshoes

Thermalwind overshoes

Windproof winter overshoes with reinforced toe. Inside there is a fleecy fabric to increase the thermal insulation properties.

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X-Warm overshoes

X Warm double-layer overshoes

X Warm double-layer overshoes for extra protection from cold, wind and rain.

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Short Waterproof Overshoes

Short overshoes with water-proofing treatment, suitable both for road cycling and mountain biking.

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Long thermal socks

Short overshoes with water-proofing treatment, suitable both for road cycling and mountain biking.

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