How to avoid cold?

This is one of the most recurring questions for all cycling and MTB lovers, in particular in winter.

The key words for cycling clothing are, in fact, comfort and wearability, but also protection from cold temperatures in all sporty life phases, from training to competition shouldn’t be neglected.

What are the ideal garments to fully cycling at 100%?

The ideal outfit for all sportsmen: the most suitable fabrics?

When you wear some underwear to go cycling, it is necessary it adheres to the body like a second skin.

The thermal short-sleeved base layer is the basis of MTB clothing, both for her and for him.

For what concerns about the composition fibers, polypropylene is the most indicated one.

This technical fabric has several advantages: it fosters sweat expulsion, it come out easily and permits to keep the temperature constant.

Sporty underwear, in particular for cycling, must guarantee not only great breathability, but also comfort and wearability.

Women’s cycling short- sleeved base layer have a differentiated compression on the base of the different zones of back and chest.

The weave made of polypropylene turns body warmth into energy, supporting any movement with elasticity and comfort.

Even on the most cold days and with the most extreme conditions , muscles and skin are protected by a second skin, that gets sweat expelled.

Moreover, polypropylene is washable even at the lowest temperatures, because the fabric structure is made of a weave that repels dirt, instead of retaining it.

How to choose cycling clothing: some guidelines

Once identified the most suitable underwear for cycling and MTB lovers, much attention has to be paid to the other garments to wear.

The men’s cycling long-sleeved jersey is designed to protect from cold and, at the same time, to keep the body temperature constant, preventing sweat from being stuck on the skin.

This is very important for all sportsmens’ health, because it avoids very annoying muscle contractures.

Even men’s MTB jerseys have to be warm and breathable.

For this reason, a polypropylene high percentage is recommended, to guarantee comfort, the right elasticity and cold protection.

For all the sportsmen that suffer cold or love performances in extreme conditions, warmer garments are available.

For all sportswomen there are MTB jackets, that are warm, breathable and give ample freedom of movement.

In combination with the proper underwear, they assure great wearability to all sportswomen that love cycling.

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