An athlete clothing must meet some specific demands

According to the discipline practiced, the sportsman will need a certain degree of freedom to move own limbs, enjoying all the comfort and the practicality sport garments can guarantee.

A clear instance is represented by sport shorts, similar garments are used in a vast variety of sport disciplines such as football, basketball, tennis, cycling and a great deal of athletics disciplines.

Shorts must meet the sportsman’s motion demands, suiting down perfectly and preventing sweat from on athlete’s skin.

A determined type of shorts corresponds to a determined type of shorts.

Whoever practices cycling will wear cycling shorts that will be completely different from the running ones, and the same principle is valid, adapting the same reasoning to every discipline, for all the sports listed previously.

Yeah, but what are the main characteristics of these two types of shorts?

And what distinguishes the former pair from the latter one?

Types of shorts and differences among the various models

Every pair of shorts, according to the discipline practiced, features some distinct characteristics.

An instance is given by cycling shorts: committed to a many hours bike ride, the cyclist has the necessity to move own legs in a practical and congenial way, preventing garments width from annoying own legs.

It isn’t a case cyclists, if they don’t wear suits, always wear particularly tight shorts made of breathable fabrics and, in the majority of the cases, and synthetic fibers (ex. Polypropylene).

Similar reasoning has to be done also for MTB shorts: cyclist on board of his bike, has to count on likewise tight shorts, that enable him to move his legs totally free.

And for what concerns about other disciplines athletes?

If cyclists have to count necessarily on tight shorts, to cycle with maximum possible practicality, light athletic athletes are supposed to use “less tight” shorts.

Running shorts, for instance, should have softer shapes, in order not to press the limbs excessively during a long race.

Stretch models can be worn for 100m and 200m competitions, light athletic disciplines where motion explosiveness matters the most and long run endurance doesn’t.

Whoever jumps hurdles and competes in pure speed competitions has to count on stretch and tight shorts, models that can support “literally” the movement itself of athlete’s limbs.

In this way, muscles will avoid tears or similar injuries: the leg will be perfectly warm, ready to shw all its explosiveness.

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