During physical activity, regardless of oyur sport, it is unavoidable to sweat.

The perspiration amount produced by the body is proportional to the athlete effort, and no centimeter of the athlete's body is spared. 

Feet represent a crucial point beacuse they have to sustain athlete's body during the movements, as running, they represent a basic point everybody should care about.

Different discussion for sports such as cycling, where feet are in contact with road-bike pedals.

Nevertheless, although they act a "supportive" role, cyclists' feet sweat too.

It is the right opposite to what everybody thinks: in both cases legs will sweat in a not indifferent way.

How to choose the suitable socks for cycling

Always talking about cycling, it is essential the athlete is endowed with the suitable socks to prevent the fet form sweating too much.

The cycling socks are indispensable, from this point of view, they are ebdowed with soft and elastic fabrics, they are better if seamless.

The athlete's goal , when choosing th clothing dor any sporty acitivity, is to make sure to wear exclusively comfirtable garments, better if they are breathable.

This is rule is valid also for t-shirts ans shorts, suits and kind of socks, such as cycling socks.

To have the certainty to choose the ideal garments, the athlete should evalutate fabrics real quality, preferring fabrics such as polypyopylene, an rtificial fabric endowed with breathable exceptional properties, perfectly capble to expel perspiration.

Garments and accessories made of cotton, from this point of view, are disadventageous. their material can't expel sweat properly, with the consquence to get the garments wet and smelling.

Other garments to avoid feet perspiration

Besides socks of different kinds, the athlete should opt for the use of men's elastic socks.

Such accessory turns out to be useful because of its anatomical characteristics: the fabrics are elastic enough to guarantee an adequate comfort level to the legs.

Wearing the indicated garments, it'ill be possible to immediately realize how feet, after the the sporty effort, appear far less sweaty, drier thanks to advantages guaranteed vy the synthetical fibres.