Spring is the perfect season to go for a walk and start running.

Clothing is the only issue.

When you think about spring, thoughts immediately go to a nice sunny day, but nobody has to forget spring is featured by uncertain weather, therefore choosing the proper garments is always a doubts source.

Hiking, trekking, walking and running are all sporty activities that naturally need comfortable and safe clothing.

Technical clothing

Running clothing, as said before, must be safe, comfortable and, overall, technical.

When you sweat, all garments must remain dry.

If it’s hot, short-sleeved jerseys and shorts, instead of suits and leggings, should be preferred.

Even for what concerns about the shoes and the socks, this rule is valid, in fact running shoes and socks have to be chosen if they are made of breathable fabrics, they do not retain sweat, but let air get through during the run, giving ease to the foot soil.

Skin needs, in fact, to breath and not to overheat.

If it is spring, instead, but weather conditions arent’t good, it is fine to consider the use of long but light trousers, but in combination with a running short-sleeved jersey.

Materials to prefer and to avoid

When you practice outdoor sport on hottest days, it is fine to remember that both men’s running vest and women’s running jerseys and tights, composition materials have to be highly breathable.

As hinted before, in these cases you shouldn’t wear several layers, because if you sweat much there’s a higher risk to faint.

It is therefore crucial to distinguish winter clothing from the summer one and recognzie which materials should be preferred and avoided.

For instance, cotton isn’t a good ally for running t-shirts, in particular in spring. This material doesn’t expel sweat, therefore there’s a high risk to finish a training completely soaked and wet.

The best choice is to prefer a cutting-edge and synthetic fiber such as polypropylene.

This fiber doesn’t only wick moisture and sweat, but is also highly durable with respect to dirt and bacteria

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