If you want to practice any sporty activity, the choice of the right clothing is important, because it guarantees comfort and great performances.

But how how is is possible choose the best garments to meet own demands?

In this practical guide many useful advice will be given.

Type of fabric

For what concerns about the choice of MTB clothing fabric, it’s appropriate, first of all, to get informed about cotton features, it is natural and wicks sweat effectively, but it can’t expel it, therefore it is a cause of smell.

Synthetic fibers guarantee the best results, specifically the polypropylene.

It permits not only to manufacture very light garments, but also to ensure a good thermal isolation.

These two features are synonym of freedom of movement.

Necessary sporty garments and how to choose them

Essential clothing items are the cycling jersey and underwear.

Before purchasing, it is recommended to take some fundamental aspects into account:

  • mtb jersey: it can be zipped on the collar, very useful characteristic to thermoregulate the body

Same considerations are worth also for the Korean collar, that protects the neck form the wind.

Shoulder reinforcements are equally important to guarantee an optimal rucksack sustain.

Vivid colours are useful to increase the visibility in case of scare illumination.

For what concerns about the cut, it should be remembered the most refined models feature a light rear repotting to better cover the back in downhill or while the biker bends.

  • technical cycling underwear: though it is neglected by many cyclists, it takes great relevance, because it guarantees the necessary comfort during the bike ride.

For this reason, it is recommended to choose breathable garments that can wick perspiration and avoid the rise of annoying skin irritation.

or trunk and the arms, the cycling singlet is the best garment, because it is made of light mesh and doesn’t release warmth in the external environment, while for the legs a pair of bib-shorts or pair of shorts endowed with pad are very proper choices.

They give you much freedom of movement because of the total absence of seams, while cycling boxers with pads protect the genital zone and reduce rubbing risk.

Summerlight Sleeveless Base Layer

Summerlight Sleeveless Base Layer

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Canotta a rete SUN

SUN Mesh Sleevelss Base Layer

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ULTRA bib-shorts in Cordura

ULTRA bib-shorts in Cordura

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