Even running and walking at very high pace are included in sport category.
Every sport requests a particular clothing and some accessories for every different sport.
One of these is the breathable sock.
What purpose do breathable socks serve for a sportsman?
It’s a right question because, also for what concerns about socks, they are different for every sport.


The sock is a fundamental clothing garment.

There are several types of socks and, consequently, different classifications.

The first classification bases on the wearer (socks for men, women, boys and girls)

Another classification groups socks according to their use (everyday life, sport, summer, winter)

Another one divides sporty socks according to their composition material, therefore the fabric: there are socks made of wool, cotton, breathable fabric, etc.

The function of breathable socks

The main function of socks is to protect and dress the foot inside the shoe.

A socks particular function is breathability.

Yes, there are breathable socks.

What does it mean?

Specifically what do they do of different form other gloves?

Breathable socks are suitable for several sports and are wearable both for men and for women.

These socks main characteristics are different:

  • contrast bad smells, in particular those due to sweat
  • guarantee a quick drying thanks to their composition material
  • are breathable therefore permit the foot to breathable
  • are soft thanks to their fabric
  • are isolant
  • are antibacterial

Breathable socks are suitable for all kinds of sport, also those that require a certain effort, such as running, cycling, trekking, skiiing, football, volleyball, baseball, etc…

The sock that breathes

The most breathable sock is the one made of micro mesh on the back and on the foot sole.

This kind of manufacturing , named also dry, permits to train during the hottest months keeping the foot skin dry

Women’s sporty socks have a structure that’s more suitable for feminine characteristics: for those who have slightly big ankles the sock suggested doesn’t have to press the half of calf but it has to soft and at the same time tight.

Other breathable socks

Another type of breathable sock is the compression sock.

This compression sock is suitable for sportsmen, because it can be worn easily at any time, in particular after a training or a competition to accelerate muscles recovery (being cut at the calf).

The running compression sock has the same function, that is to say it favours the recovery thanks to the compression exercised on the calf favouring the venous flow and improving blood outflow.

As we have seen, there are different kinds of sport socks both for men and for women: if the technical socks are chosen, the choice will be always correct.

Fun Socks

Fun Socks

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Graduated Compression Socks

Graduated Compression Socks

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Graduated Compression Socks 2.0

Graduated Compression Socks 2.0

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In conclusion, getting dressed adequately to practice sport, is already step forward that leads body training in a balanced way.

Breathable socks have various functions, first among them is to let the foot breath.