They often ask us what products are the most suitable or most specific for running, what to wear when temperatures increase or when you have to undertake long paths where temperature leaps are common.

Are you a runner too?

Then this is the right place for you!

A certainty

At the base of everything there’s a certainty; the use of the BTX fiber made of polypropylene to manufacture technical garments

This is a synthetic fiber that has the capacity not to wick perspiration rather to expel it, leving the skin dry and maintaining he body temperature constant.

In comparison with other synthetic fibers (such as polyester, polyamide, cotton and wool), polypropylene distinguishes itself both for the breathability and the heat dispersion and moisture absorption, making it the best among fibers for the manufacturing of underwear in contact with the skin.

What’s the right clothing to go running in summer? What is recommended to wear?

Here are 4 proposals (2 for men and 2 for women)



Sara told us she has just received these garments, touching them she has thought "How soft this fabric is....won't it be hot?"

Instead, after having tried them in arunning session, she has been ceompletely astoished and has writtenus immediately

"Compliments for the products! I have no words ... they breath very well and there's no annoyance due to the "wet" perspiration”!

Note about the sock

The Fun sock (available in a lot of colour variations) is high 16 cm and is particularly recommended for women because it doesn’t press neither on the ankle nor on the first calf first part, it stays stable inside the shoe and is highly breathable.




Charlotte has opted for a more suiatble outfit for when temperatures are higher. The Women's Panty often gets used as a running "shorts" because it is made of covering and resitant fabric. For Carlotta, the Summerlight Sleeveless Base Layerhas a double function,she wears it alone when she has to run and as base layer under the jersey when she gies cyclin, her second passion.

"What I like about it is that it is very light and so elastic, it doesn't seem to have it on. Ther perforated manufacturing makes it very fresh if used alone and the breathable material fabric makes it very protective and comfortable."

Note about the sock

The micromesh ankle socks are perfect choice for those who want a low sock without having the risk it goes down or moves from the initial position.

They guarantee the maximum comfort even during the running thanks to strengthened tip and heel.




To the question "What do you prefere to wear when you go running? Luigi has immediately replied

"Well, my top is with everything! Among my favourit garments for the upper part there's the + Carbon T-Shirt, the Power Run Short Tights that I wear both in summer and in winter... I love all the socks but among all of them the Diamond pair is my first pick!"

Note about the jersey

The +Carbon T-shirt consists of 97% Polypropylene fiber (our light fiber that doesn’t absorb sweat but takes it to the outside) and 3% Carbon fiber.

This composition certifies the permanent total antibacterial effect, it doesn’t therefore create bad smells.

Compared to the majority of Biotex Underwear, this t-shirt has a softer fitting but it doesn’t stay too adherent but at the same time it is highly effective in terms of body thermoregulation.




Marco chose Biotex exactly 3 years ago. He loves the color Fluo Yellow/Lime that matches perfectly with his yes, Marco is a triathlete.

"I didn't know Biotex 3 years ago...but ever since I wore their garments...I understood I had something very special. I ofetn have training sessions of cycling and running combined: in this case a technical clothing that doesn't make me feel wet on the skin is crucial!"

Note about the running shorts

The Power Run Shorts are elastic and seamless with a comfortable waist band that doesn’t press but at the same time remains stable.

These shorts without pockets are very soft and breathable.


I hope this article has been helpful to you. If it hasn’t been, please don’t hesitate to contact thanks to our Customer Service.