ìSummer is gettin closer and along with it, the possibility to practice outdoor sports such as running or cycling, without fearing rain and wind.

Even during the summer, spory clothin turns out to be fundamental, therefore, before going out it is the first factor to take into account.

Wearing technical and high-quality socks is extremely important, because nobody would think to run without them: they represent the most important accessory right after running shorts and technical jerseys.

Technical and specific Socks

When you go out practicing, particular relevance goes to techncal clothing. that would be the specific clothing for a determined sport.

It isn't possible to go running with normal socks, because several problems might incur.

In running or cycling clothing, in this specific case the socks must be able to guarantee comfort and practicality to the wearer.

The lighter and softer a sock is, the more comfortable it is.

This peculiarity in fact allows to run for long times wihtout having any kind of pain or annoyance in the feet.


Another important feature that can't miss is breathability, since it allows to avoid an excessive foot perspiration

Wearing breathable socks allows to keep the feet fresh and dry, regardless of external climate conditions.

Crucial role is played by compression as well: with this aim, it is possible to opt for classic compression socks, but also boosters.

These accessories objective is to favour blood circulation (through homogenously applied pressure) and consequently contrast fatigue feeling, giving more durability.

In light of what's been said, it is easily comprehensible how important is is to choose the right socks, made of high quality materials to guarantee comfort, lightness and breathability.