You aren’t the only one to have cold feet when you run, you know it’s a common problem: the main reason is usually because we don’t wear the most appropriate socks during any kind of training, that would be the specific ones for winter cold periods.

But what guidelines are you supposed to follow to choose the most appropriate winter running socks?

Warm feet and maximum comfort with running specific socks

Over the last years, running clothing and accessories have become more technical and capable of guaranteeing the maximum comfort to any sportsman that’s fond of running.

Whoever suffers of cold feet in winter, for instance, should opt for thermal socks that are manufactured taking the different temperatures of use into account .

It’s possible to opt for warmer or lighter models according to the average temperatures where training is done.

Don’t ever think choosing running long socks is a cumbersome issue: it’ll be enough to choose among the ones of a brand specialized in technical clothing for outdoor sports, to find a wide assortment of solutions designed to meet any customer’s preference and requirement.

The common denominator to any kind of sock is the quality and also the use of specific materials, able to conjugate practicality, comfort and warmth.

How to choose the right socks for the different temperatures?

When you have to purchase winter thermal socks, it is necessary to remember these items aren’t all alike, but rather they must be selected basing on the temperature range where you are used to running.

It’s possible to purchase models, that can assure protection for temperatures between 5°C and +15°C, they’re perfect for people who run in the mountains or in zones with prohibitive temperatures.

Another important factor that plays crucial role is the materials choice, that’s used to manufacture running socks.

These should always be made of technical materials, so fibers that let the foot breath, staying warm but without overheating and, overall, without getting soaked in sweat.

The best ones are made of polypropylene that guarantees high breathability for a foot always dry and warm.

Unlike many other materials, both natural and artificial, this fiber guarantees perfect wearability, thermoregulation and perspiration for a unique comfort.

Both for pros and amateurs

The choice of the right technical socks permits all runners to, both pros and amateurs both to train and take part in competitions without suffering cold in the feet.

It doesn’t have to be forgotten, in fact, feet represent running main engine, therefore any kind of annoyance in this part of the body can compromise the performance irremediably.

Nowadays runners know that wearing the right socks, that must be both warm and dry, can make the difference during trainings and in competitions: this is the reason why they aim at technical specific socks.