Skiing is, undoubtedly, one of the favourite sports for mountain lovers.

But for both amateurs and those that practice it as a real sport, it is necessary to endow with the what is needed not to be unprepared for cold and bad weather, that can prevail in this sport.

Besides the equipment, it is appropriate to choose the most suitable clothing not to feel cold.

The temperatures in mountain can be low and freezing, being unprepared or making clothing mistakes can cause serious issues.

Besides the skiing clothing, it is necessary and preferable to wear generally also mountain or mountain-climbing underwear.

How should you choose the skier clothing?

How should you wear under skiing suit?

The skier underwear ia a fundamental element, that enters in direct contact with the skin and works to keep the body temperature constant.

The technical fabrics whereby it is made permit the sweating body to get dry fast.

They are ideal mountain outdoor activities, particularly because they retain sweat and retain cold from getting inside the clothing.

Its composition materials can’t be replaced with normal underwear fabrics given that the same demands wouldn’t be satisfied.

Technical underwear main features are breathability and thermal isolation.

Optimal garments are the women’s and men’s skiing long-sleeved base layers and other underwear elements such as the men’s skiing boxers, the women’s panties and the men’s and women’s socks that are suitable for skiing and functional to breathability.

The models are generally shaped and so elastic, they guarantee maximum adherence to the body and a perfect freedom of movement, as they become a second skin for the skier.

In particular, besides underwear and clothing, men’s and women’s skiing socks are a non neglectable accessory, because modern skiing socks combine natural fibers with cutting-edge fabrics that will let your feet enjoy the physical activity completely comfortable and dry.

What should you wear to be protected in the mountain

Underwear is, as we have said, an essential element to choose and wear for those who decide to practice sports such as skiing, that alternates very thrilling moments to ones of peacefulness.

First of all, you must be sure to have bought complete and suitable underwear for the mountain needs, that we have listed before.

Secondly, you will have to opt for a medium consistency underwear, because the sport we are talking about requests you underwear to be suitable for different temperatures, both bodily and environmental, for these reasons it is better to opt for a medium attire.


On the underwear you should opt for the kind of suit you want to wear, it can be made of fabrics such as thick or light pile according to your perception of cold and your preferences.

The third layer is the most important because it will protect the skier from cold, therefore you will have to choose isolating and waterproof materials with inner padded layer.

The same layering rules are worth also for those in search of mountain climbing clothing

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