Protected and free on the snow

Alpine skiing is basically a winter sport, born as niche sport, that is gaining more and more popularity.

Going skiing, for amateurs, always entails a lot of obstacles and difficulties, that can be overcome only with a good preparation.

Those who are not expert, as a matter of fact, tend to have many difficulties in clothing selection, that has to be very accurate.

The technical clothing, that must be worn whenever mountain sports are practiced, have to be chosen with respect to athlete’s demands, but at the same time it must be able to contrast weather adverse conditions that can be found typically at very high altitudes, such as wind and very low temperatures.

What to wear in the mountains?

Mountain technical clothing has to be built up in layers.

Skiers have, in fact, the demand both to cover themselves with garments that protect from cold and wind and to move freely, without any encumbrance during the physical activity.

The most appropriate choice for a compromise between these demands consists of paying much attention to mountain technical underwear.

For technical underwear, we refer to all garments that must be worn as first ones and adhere to the skin, creating a first isolating layer, which an adequate clothing should be combined with.

Every of these clothing layers has specific objective, to create a unique effect, where breathability is enabled, warmth is kept while wind and water are kept out.

The base layer

The base layer main characteristic, the underwear, is breathability with a contemporaneous thermal regulation.

The fabrics that constitute mountain underwear are designed to get moisture expelled, and at the same time keep warmth.

Generally, it is possible to choose among different garments, that favour either one function or the other, on the basis of intensity of the activity to perform and the environment temperature.

Which garments to choose?

The technical base layer must cover the majority of the body, to get an homogeneous and comfortable effect, that can support all skiing activity, from the travel by cable car to a breathtaking downhill.

For this reason, there are different garments available, that include socks, jerseys, balaclavas and tights.

There are different fabrics, among which, it is possible to choose and have different functions: synthetic materials are elastic, therefore they can create a compression effect and are made of empty fibers that retain the air; wool keeps warmth the most and moreover it is very soft, nevertheless it doesn’t have the same breathable effect; silk, instead, is very soft but it wears out easily ans therefore it is used only for the accessories.

Lastly, it is important to choose the most suitable garment to own physical shape.

Garments strictly for males are also available, such as boxers or specific tights.

Women’s technical underwear, instead, includes bras, leg warmers, leggings and women’s panties.

Find out the ideal skiing clothing that we propose:

3D Turtleneck Base Layer

3D Turtleneck Base Layer

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Limtless Turtleneck Base Layer

Limtless Turtleneck Base Layer

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Smart Compression Tights

Smart Compression Tights

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Leggins Energy

Women's Leggings Energy

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