Outdoor training is loved both by men and women.

When you decide to practice outdoor physical activity, clothing is the first thing to take into account, it must suit down and able to guarantee both high comfort and great performances.

Sporty garments you forget to wear

When you talk about technical clothing, the first things that pop up in everybody’s mind are technical jersey and tights.

Unluckily, in particular for women, there’s a diffused trend to forget other garments that are important alike, in particular in winter.

Let’s have a look at them below.

Women’s clothing for outdoor physical activity

For what concerns about women, the importance of both top and sports bra is often neglected.

Underwear represent a fundamental element, because it constitutes the base layer.

Sports bras are usually made of technical fibers, that can guarantee maximum comfort and guarantee the best breathability, although they can keep the body warm effectively.

The mid-layer is made up of jerseys, in their choice it is good to opt for thermal base layer.

This jersey must be able to let the skin breathe effectively, it doesn’t have to retain sweat and consequently emit bad smells.

At the same time, the jersey must be light and able to keep warm.

For what concerns about the jersey, it is fundamental to choose the size and the right wearability, given that the jersey must be tight enough.

Neither too tight so, not to hinder any movement, nor too baggy, not to be cumbersome.

Another underestimated garment is the turtleneck.

The turtleneck is a very important garment that can protect body and neck from cold and wind very effectively, but at the same time it lets the skin breath thanks to the polypropylene composition.

According to the temperatures, the turtleneck can be worn alone or integrated with other layers to guarantee a higher protection.

This kind of garments are very flexible therefore, though the high adherence, garments guarantee an ample freedom of movement.

Moreover, they mould to own body shape effectively.

Lupetto 3D con ZIP

3D Zipped Turtleneck Base Layer

Advantages: • optimal moisture management • dry and warm skin

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Women's boxers

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Sports Bra

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SUN Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer

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