Victory isn't at risk, if health is not compromised!

With this vision Biotex became a leading brand in breathable and light sporty garments manufacturing.

Biotex was founded in 1990 thanks to the vision of Antonio Visani, availing of more than thirty year experience in knitwear world and driven by an impelling desire to continue and improve sporty items and, in particular, the cycling ones.

His will led to the creation of a groundbreaking firm that established itself as a leading brand in clothing market.

Since then, with his daughter, Barbara, he has been committed to making polipropilene use something unique, to turn sporty fatigue into sustainable energy and make the sporty gesture more performing.

It was precisely the combination of tradition and innovation that gave rise to the production of our technical underwear for sports enthusiasts.

Our mission?
To combine technology and nature.
On one hand, from the very beginning we dedicated our efforts to researching the perfect material for our garments manufacturing, on the other one we have never abondened the long-standing Italian knitwear high-quality tradition.
Behind each garment lies a thorough attention paid to every single detail, the scrupulous selection of yarns, and the pride that goes into handcrafted products, applied to a cutting-edge quality fibre. Our polypropylene fibre, named BTX, has unique features that can be immediately appreciated by wearing any of our garments: it is as light as feather, highly breathable, guarantees a better climate for your skin at any temperature and improves the athletic performance.